The project consists of the design, integration and demonstration of renewable technologies for the production of heat and cold in urban networks (DHC).

Heating and cooling solutions using renewable technologies

The WEDISTRICTproject consists of the design, integration and demonstration of renewable technologies for the production of heat and cold in urban networks (DHC) demonstrating that operating with 100% renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, thermal storage, biomass geothermics, waste heat reuse and solar cooling technologies, all managed through an advanced control and monitoring system.


  • Developing 100% renewable DHC based on an optimal mix of local renewable energy sources for new construction and retrofit projects.
  • Moving towards renewable energy based cooling generation technologies.
  • Achieving optimal integration of new advanced thermal storage to increase the efficiency of the DHC system.
  • Reusing waste heat from data centres to power the DHC network.
  • Integrating smart ICTs to intelligently manage DHC production, storage, distribution and consumption to increase grid efficiency.
  • Developing an open source multi-criteria decision making tool for conducting feasibility studies of renewable energy integration in district heating and cooling systems in different regions of Europe.
  • Demonstrating and validating WEDISTRICT technologies through four real-life case studies in four different regions of Europe.
  • Demonstrating the replicability of the project in different commercial scenarios through virtual demonstration studies, including implementation in 4G-DHC Horizon as a backbone for smart cities.
  • Demonstrating to investors the profitability of the project and developing sustainable business models.
  • Promoting public acceptance and citizen engagement.

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