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World-class laboratories and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities

Through our research initiatives, we develop highly efficient, innovative and sustainable zero waste solutions.


Main actions in Research and Development

As a biotechnology company, R&D&I is part of TRICHODEX's DNA. Our research, development and innovation activities allow us to offer natural, highly technological products on the cutting edge of biotechnology.

Below you can learn about our main lines of research.

  • Restore the soil microbiome. Microbial biofertilisers to improve the physicochemical and biological properties of agricultural soil.
  • Increase nutrient availability and absorption in plants. Biofertilisers for phosphorus solubilisation, biological nitrogen fixation, potassium mobilisation, production of siderophores, organic acids, hydrolytic enzymes (cellulases, proteases and glucanases).
  • Rationalise the efficient use of fertilisers and reduce water consumption. Use of natural polymers for slow release of fertilisers with water retention. As well as additives specific to liquid and solid NPKs.
  • Establish the physiological balance of crops. Biostimulants based on bioeffectors as growth regulators of biotechnological origin (gibberellins, auxins, cytokinins and other active substances).
  • Bioprotectants in plants and crops against diseases and pests. Products based on Biological Control Agents (BCAs), secondary metabolites and inducers of induced systemic resistance (ISR) and/or systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in plants.
  • Bioprotectants in plants and crops to mitigate abiotic stress caused by drought, frost, high salinity, UV radiation, phytotoxicity with trace elements, etc.
  • Nutritionals based on bioeffectors and natural bioactive substances that improve the organoleptic quality and nutritional and nutraceutical properties of the fruits.
  • Improve crop yield and increase the shelf life of fruits with pre-harvest and/or post-harvest treatments.

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