Our solid and consolidated structure makes us a leading multinational company with commercial offices and production and logistics centres in different countries on the European continent. Find out where we are below


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Our group is made up of Fertiberia as the parent company and different subsidiaries located in Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Sweden and the Netherlands. Strategically located and specialised in different areas, the union under the same group allows us to achieve greater commercial, productive and logistical efficiency.

Each company has the knowledge and skills that correspond to the specific needs of their areas of influence, always under the common goal of leading the European market of plant nutrition and efficient and sustainable industry.

Together, we continue to grow in order to leave a positive footprint in all the communities where we are present.

Group companies

Our commercial engine

A consolidated network of companies with commercial offices in Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and the Netherlands forms the heart of a group dedicated to guaranteeing the satisfaction of all our customers and society in general.

Production centers

Developing leading solutions

We have 14 production centers, 10 in Spain, 3 in Portugal and 1 in France, with a production capacity of 9 million tons. In our centers we develop the most innovative and efficient products that consolidate our international position.

Logistics and distribution centres

The ideal location with efficient management

The perfect coordination and harmony between the logistics network and the different commercial areas of the companies that make up our group contributes decisively to an agile and flexible product distribution. We are right there when and where our customers need us.

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Fertiberia, a leader in the production of green hydrogen and low carbon ammonia and high value-added crop nutrition and environmental solutions for industry

What we do

We design and manufacture the most efficient and sustainable products for agriculture and industry


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Our pillars to ensure sustainable, innovative and committed investments.


Research, development and innovation for sustainable and responsible growth.

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