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Biotechnological solutions for agriculture

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State-of-the-art ecological solutions

TRICHODEX®, established in 1991, is a leading company in biotechnology applied to agriculture. Dedicated to the research, development, innovation and production of Bioprotectants, Biofertilisers, Biostimulants and Nutritionals of a biological origin. It has been a part of Grupo Fertiberia since 2022.

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At TRICHODEX® we have a portfolio of ecological solutions resulting from certified R&D&I projects and patented technologies, developed in our own laboratories by a multidisciplinary team.

We have a fully automated, high-capacity production plant and biotechnological process. This allows us to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the different needs of farmers anywhere in the world.


If you would like to learn about all the solutions we offer, download our updated catalogue: Bioprotectants, Biofertilisers, Biostimulants and Nutritionals.


On the cutting edge of biotechnology

We bring our experience in biotechnology to offer innovative, environmentally friendly, zero waste solutions as an effective alternative to polluting agrochemicals through research, development, innovation, production and marketing of natural Bioprotectants, Biofertilisers, Biostimulants and Nutritionals of biological origin.

Would you like to learn more about our main lines of research, our laboratories, our projects, and our patents?

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Patented bioprocesses that will transform agriculture

TRICHODEX® develops its solutions based on its patented bioprocesses and by selected optimal microorganisms to produce bioactive products that improve profitability and crop protection thanks to proprietary patents such as those relating to FPB® and MAMPS®.

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  • MAMPS®. Induction, extraction, selection and design of Molecular Patterns
    Associated with Microorganisms that provide us with knowledge about the interaction between microorganism/plant/soil and the production of molecules recognised by plant receptors that promote controlled physiological reactions, improving crop production and protection.
  • FPB®. Fermentación Polifásica Biotecnológica (Biotechnological Polyphase Fermentation). Multi-stage fermentation process. Produces microorganisms with a high capacity to adapt to the rhizosphere and respond better to root exudates. Promotes communication via quorum sensing between microorganisms and favours formation of the biofilm responsible for this adaptation.


Of a natural, plant and/or microbial origin, we produce this bioprotection solution by liquid, solid or two-stage fermentation. The products that we develop have a biocontrol effect on diseases and pests and do not create resistance and are safe for the farmer and the auxiliary fauna, i.e., zero residue.


We formulate solutions from beneficial microorganisms that restore the plant microbiome. These are PGPR bacteria (plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria) with a high capacity to form biofilm, improving plant nutrition and growth.


Solutions to improve nutrient absorption and efficiency, stimulate plant physiological processes, boost plant growth, increase yield and provide better defence against abiotic stress.


Fast and highly soluble, they can meet any need: improving crop soil, correcting specific deficiencies and optimising the effectiveness of other treatments.


An innovative line of biotechnological products


Nutritive, biotechnological liquid formulas to supplement crop nutrition, biofertilisation and bioprotection.

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Do you have any questions?

We offer you a specific means of contact so that you can send us your queries, questions or suggestions about our company and our products.


Quality policy

At TRICHODEX®, as experts in biotechnology dedicated to the manufacture of products for agriculture, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction through a management system based on continuous improvement, which rests on the following principles:


Environmental Policy

At TRICHODEX® we are committed to the development and formulation of products adapted to the productive environment of the crop that are environmentally friendly, with sustainable agriculture and zero waste, which is why we control and manage the environmental aspects that we generate. Likewise, this control allows establishing a reference for the definition of objectives and the implementation of activities that contribute to the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System implemented. Thanks to the capacity and flexibility that comes from being a manufacturer that researches and manages its own raw materials and formulations, we are committed to:


Quality certificates that endorse our model of action

We have three prestigious certifications* that recognise our commitment to quality and continuous improvement of our processes, the conservation of the environment and biotechnological innovation for the development of ecological products.

Quality Policy

Since 2003, we have implemented and certified our management model based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard relating to the Quality of Internal Management Processes that allow us to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Download certificate here
ISO 9001:2015 ↓

Environmental Policy

We have this Environmental Management certification for compliance with all these internationally recognised standards for the protection of the environment and to promote the sustainable development of our community.

Download certificate here
ISO 14001:2015 ↓

UNE Certificates of Inputs

Since 2018, we have been pioneers in the certification of CAAE's accredited UNE Standard, which guarantees the quality of 25 organic products in our catalogue ("Inputs for use in organic plant production. Fertilisers, amendments and cultivation substrates" and "Inputs for use in organic plant production").

* Last update: Dos Hermanas (Seville), 26 March 2018. Documents in Spanish


Main locations

Our head office, laboratories and Biotech production plant, where we produce innovative solutions to transfer biotechnology to crops, are located in Seville, in the town of Dos Hermanas.

We market our solutions in Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and LATAM, where we also have three subsidiaries: Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

We operate out of Seville to deliver biotechnology to the rest of the world.

Activity. Production and sale of biotechnological solutions

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Our Head Office
Río Viejo 57, 59 P.I. La Isla
41703 – Dos Hermanas (Seville, Spain)

+34 954 930 942


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