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Research, Development and Innovation for sustainable and responsible growth

We research and develop products and solutions with maximum agronomic effectiveness and environmental efficiency, allowing us to be more competitive while ensuring the sustainability of our activity.


Strong commitment to innovation, biotechnology and agriculture

In our R&D&I centre, we design biofertilisation and biocontrol solutions which are highly advanced and aimed at precision agriculture and organic farming.


A commitment to R&D&I that allows us to boost our sector and other industries

Our growth as a group, while maintaining our commitment to the environment and society, is possible thanks to our commitment to R+D+I. By promoting innovative processes, we can respond to current and future demands with pioneering solutions with which we contribute to building a better world.

This is how we understand R&D&I at Fertiberia

This acronym, which is so important for our company, reflects the different innovative activities that we carry out both in our centres and in collaboration with other entities and companies.

In order to face the evolution that is taking place globally towards a more modern and technified agriculture and industry, where sustainability and productivity are essential requirements, we have an active R&D&I policy, which helps us to boost our growth as a group.

Our commitment to research, development and innovation applies to all our business areas and is based on 3 pillars:

  • Promoting the circular economy and efficient use of resources.
  • Conserving and improving soil quality and the environment.
  • Enhancing competitiveness, with exclusive, innovative and more effective products.

Through our R&D&I activities, we have managed to position ourselves as a cutting-edge company in the plant nutrition sector, offering the market modern, evolved products adapted to the needs of our customers and society and, at the same time, expanding our knowledge to be able to continue providing a valuable advisory service.


Acknowledgements that attest to our innovative spirit and research capacity

Our work in the field of R&D&I is acknowledged by the main public bodies promoting innovation and technological development, as demonstrated by the numerous R&D&I projects that have received support from the CDTI, the AEI or the European Commission.

Innovative activity related to agrotechnology (agrotech) and biotechnology (biotech) as well as industrial innovation is particularly noteworthy.


Our most important innovative activities

Research activity in our group covers industrial, agricultural and environmental projects.

Our main pillars in R&D&I are:

Fertiberia CTA

The Agri-environmental Technologies Centre, a working environment created in collaboration with the University of Seville, centralises all the research and innovation activity of our group in a world-class technological and academic environment.

Agrotech and Biotech

By promoting both disciplines, we seek to revitalise agriculture and obtain cutting-edge and more efficient solutions:

  • Agrotech, or the combination of new technologies, such as digital tools, with more traditional ones.
  • Biotech, or biotechnology, understood as the application of biological systems and living organisms to obtain better products.


Our intensive research and innovation work leads to undertaking leading R&D&I projects at a European and national level.

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Fertiberia, a leader in the production of green hydrogen and low carbon ammonia and high value-added crop nutrition and environmental solutions for industry

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Research, development and innovation for sustainable and responsible growth.

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