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General Shareholders' Meeting

We offer our shareholders, in a transparent manner, all relevant information on the Company's main governing body, such as dates of notices for meetings, documentation or resolutions submitted for their approval.


We take the company's major decisions by voting.

The participation of our shareholders is very important to Fertiberia.

At the General Shareholders' Meetings we address key issues for the proper functioning of the company, such as the approval of our annual financial statements, the system of governance and sustainability, the modification of the Articles of Association, the authorisation of corporate operations and the appointment of directors, among others.

Working for our shareholders

Our shareholders have the right to participate in the Meetings through their vote, which they can exercise in person, if they hold at least 5,000 shares, by electronic means or by delegating another person to do so. To this end, and prior to the holding of the corresponding meeting, the documentation necessary to adopt the resolutions included in the agenda is made available to you.

Below, you can consult the latest notices of the General Shareholders' Meeting.

27/03/2024 – Notice for the General Shareholders’ Meeting. Agenda.

29/03/2022 – Notice for the General Shareholders' Meeting. Agenda.

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