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Our performance regarding ESG issues underpins our responsible strategy

Non-financial reports cover different aspects of our company that, while not directly related to economic and financial aspects, are essential to understand how we operate and what impact we have on society.


Our accountability, transparently displayed

We publish this report on an annual basis, in accordance with Law 11/2018 and using generally accepted international standards such as the European Commission Guidelines on this matter or the GRI standards (Global Reporting Initiative). In this way, we comply with our legal obligations and, at the same time, demonstrate our alignment with the growing interest of investors, consumers and society in general to know in a transparent manner the actions of companies in matters that directly concern our future as a society.

What data is included in Non-financial Reports

Our annual documents cover aspects related to:

  • Our corporate governance: our vision and strategy, what structure governs our business, how decisions are made and control and oversight mechanisms. They also include information on the principles and values that underpin our business ethics, of which our zero tolerance policy on corruption and bribery is an essential part.
  • Our staff and occupational practices: how we organise work and what policies govern us, including health and safety, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, training, accessibility and other issues related to our company's human capital.
  • Our customer relations: how we interact with different audiences and how we work to adapt to their changing needs.
  • Environmental issues: our fight against pollution and commitment to decarbonisation, how we approach the circular economy, waste prevention and management, sustainable use of resources, preservation of biodiversity, etc.
  • Our relationship with society: this includes the actions we take to improve the communities in which we operate and promote their development, our commitments to the companies and suppliers we work with, etc.

2023 – Non-financial Report. A way to act and govern ourselves responsibly.

2022 – Non-financial Report. A way to act and govern ourselves responsibly.

2021 – Non-financial Report. A way to act and govern ourselves responsibly.

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