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Strontium nitrate

Química del estroncio is the only European manufacturer of strontium nitrate of exceptional quality. Its unique and patented process produces one of the best qualities available on the market.
  • High flowability, no caking.
  • Ability to adapt the size distribution of the crystals to meet the customer’s needs.
4 different grades:
  • NC: STANDARD CRYSTAL. Widely used in pyrotechnics and in the manufacture of pigments and paints.
  • NCS: HIGH FLOWABILITY. Mainly used in the manufacture of crystal substrate for LCD displays.
  • NC-LP: LARGE PARTICLE CRYSTAL. Mainly used in the manufacture of crystal substrate for LCD displays.
  • HP: HIGH PURITY CRYSTAL. Very low in barium, purified nitrate specially used to produce high quality special crystal used in optics and as a raw material in the production of speciality chemicals.

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Main applications

  • Glass industry: Strontium nitrate is mainly used in the manufacture of glass substrate for LCD displays, as well as special high-quality crystal used optics.
  • Pyrotechnics: Its use in the pyrotechnic sector is quite common, providing the bright red colour to different pyrotechnic products such as emergency flares, tracer ammunition and fireworks.
    The main applications are in the automotive and maritime sectors, where it is used to manufacture red flares and other emergency signalling devices and as a precursor in airbags.
  • Pigments and paints: Strontium nitrate is also used in the production of strontium chromate, which is used as a corrosion inhibitor in paint coatings.
  • Chemical industry: It is used as a raw material for the production of strontium chloride in the chemical industry for the production of speciality chemicals.

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