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Strontium carbonate

A worldwide, ground-breaking production process based on a double purification and carbonation using carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Sulphur-free and with very low levels of iron and sodium.

Our flexible process allows customised products to meet different customer requests.

3 different grades:
  • QPF: FINE POWDER. Widely used in the ceramics industry, in the production of magnetic ferrites and in zinc electrolysis.
  • QPC: COARSE POWDER. Mainly used in the manufacture of pigments and paints.
  • QG: GRANULAR. Mainly used in the manufacture of crystal substrate for LCD displays.

Safety data sheet •

Main applications

  • Permanent magnets (ferrites): Strontium carbonate is widely used for producing ferrites, improving the coercive force and degree of safety and efficacy of magnets used in electric motors of automobiles, in speakers, in retaining systems, etc.
  • Glass industry: Strontium carbonate is mainly used in the manufacture of glass substrate for LCD displays, as well as numerous glass applications used in optics, glassware, lighting, fibreglass, laboratory, and pharmaceutical glass, etc. improving properties such as increased hardness and scratch resistance, reduction of micro-cracks, increased brightness, ease of polishing, etc.
  • Ceramics industry: In this industry, strontium carbonate is very useful, being used in the glazing and enamelling of ceramics, as its composition allows ceramics to have a better resistance, not to be scratched, and to avoid the formation of bubbles in the frit processing stage, as well as to have a better shine and to present, in some cases, a better behaviour than lead, without the risk of toxicity.
  • Zinc electrolysis: Strontium carbonate is used in the production of high purity zinc (SHG zinc) as it removes lead impurities from the cathode, due to its affinity with lead, forming a double salt that precipitates.
  • Pigments and paints: Strontium carbonate is also used in the production of strontium chromate, which is used as a corrosion inhibitor in paint coatings.
  • Pyrotechnics: Its use in the pyrotechnic sector is quite common, providing the bright red colour to different pyrotechnic products such as emergency flares, tracer ammunition and fireworks.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: It is used for sulphate removal in wastewater treatment.

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