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Everything you need to know about our crop nutrition categories and subcategories


The biotechnological nutrition and protection that crops need

Nutritional, biotechnological, liquid or solid solutions for foliar application or fertigation, the purpose of which is to complement nutrition, biostimulation, biofertilisation or bioprotection of crops.

AGRO Nutrients

Solutions for foliar application and/or fertigation that complement nutrition and correct deficiencies during crop development.

BIO Technological

Biotechnological solutions for foliar application and/or fertigation the purpose of which is the biofertilisation and bioprotection of crops against biotic or abiotic stresses.

BIO Nutrients

Biotechnological solutions for foliar application and/or fertigation the purpose of which is the biostimulation of crops.


Innovation applied to soil

Range of crop nutrition solids for soil application, accompanied by technology that improves the efficiency of nutrients, resulting from a strong investment in innovation and experimentation associated with a specialised technical sales service alongside farmers.


A commitment to a more ecological agriculture

Organic and organo-mineral crop nutrition formulations for soil application in organic crops.


Organic nutritional solutions for ecological agriculture.

Natura TECH

High value-added organic nutritional solutions with the most innovative technology for ecological agriculture.


For precision agriculture

Highly water-soluble crop nutrition solids and liquids that can be applied through irrigation water, making them suitable for precision agriculture.

Aqua Liquids

Liquid solutions that provide the soil with the nutrients crops need through irrigation water.

Aqua Liquids TECH

High-performance liquid solutions with the innovative and unique eON technology for fertigation of all outdoor and greenhouse crops.

Aqua Hydrosolubles

Water-soluble solutions designed to meet any agronomic need through fertigation.


Our solids for direct soil application

Solis crop nutrition compounds for direct soil application. Characterised by their extremely high quality.

Classic Nitrogen and Classic Nitrogen Plus

Classic Nitrogen: These solutions are applied as top-dressing to complete the nutritional requirements of crops at times of maximum need, which are key for development.

Classic Nitrogen Plus: Plus nitrogen fertilisers also incorporate the exclusive nitrification inhibitor SDCD that Fertiberia uses exclusively in Spain and Portugal, which protects nitrogen and prolongs its activity, remaining active in the soil for longer. They are recommended for the top-dressing all types of crops and, as they contain stabilised nitrogen, they are suitable for use in vulnerable areas.

Classic NPK and Classic NPK Plus

Classic NPK: Complex solutions with the maximum concentration of nutrients. The dissolution of all these soluble nutrients in the soil results in a much more complete and efficient fertilisation.

Classic NPK Plus: Complex plant nutrition solutions cogranulated with fully soluble magnesium, potassium and calcium sulphate for the most demanding crops.


We also have a specific business area aimed at gardening, developed by our company Fertiberia, with products and tips for gardens and green areas. 

Impact Zero

We have developed the first crop nutrition solution in the world that has a 0% carbon footprint in its production process, made with green hydrogen. Learn more about our environmental response to the challenges that crops and the planet face.

Green hydrogen and low carbon ammonia

Fertiberia, a leader in the production of green hydrogen and low carbon ammonia and high value-added crop nutrition and environmental solutions for industry

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