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Raw materials, end products and environmental solutions for all types of industries


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Liquid and solid products derived from ammonia and urea for the removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx gases with harmful effects on human health) and the treatment of wastewater, thus enabling a large number of industries to comply with the regulatory standards established by European and national environmental legislation.


These are products such as urea, ammonia or nitric acid which function as raw materials in the chemical industry and in sectors such as steel, pharmaceuticals, wood and cosmetics.


Pioneers in their production, the applications of strontium salts are diverse, such as the ceramics industry, pigments, pyrotechnics, zinc, and in particular for the manufacture of liquid crystal displays.


Urea is a non-protein nutritional additive that provides nitrogen to the bacterial flora living in the digestive system of ruminants, improving feed intake and digestion.


A range of solid and liquid ammonium nitrate-based products used in the manufacture of civil explosives such as emulsions and ANFO, the most widely used explosive on the market.


Our work in industry, at the service of specialisation

In order to face the challenges that are projected within the industrial sector, at Fertiberia we not only want to position ourselves at the forefront of innovation, but also to specialise in more specific fields in order to offer the solutions that best adapt to the needs of our customers and are environmentally friendly.

We work with a special focus on two sectors:

  • Environmental sector
  • Industrial sector

Environmental sector

Nitrogen oxides (NOx gases), which are emitted into the atmosphere by combustion systems, automobiles, thermal power plants or certain chemical processes, are particularly aggressive due to their acidic nature and contribute to the increase of the greenhouse effect.

At Fertiberia, and in order to limit emissions of these harmful gases, we devote considerable effort to research in order to produce nitrogen solutions (such as the Adblue® compound) or ammonia solutions aimed at reducing these toxic emissions, thus reducing their polluting effects. As a result, we are the company that contributes most to the elimination of NOx emissions in Spain and Portugal.

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To reduce a large part of the pollutants in industrial companies, thermal power plants and water treatment plants, we have a wide range of innovative and sustainable chemical products.

  • Our systems for reducing NOx, present in the flue gases of thermal power plants and other types of fixed emission sources, use different reducing agents in the presence or not of a catalyst (SCR), as well as the direct application of ammonia or urea at the emission points. On the other hand, we also supply our nitric plants, as well as cement, incineration and energy companies with reagents and NOx reduction systems.
  • In water treatment, we develop nitrogen solutions that enable biological purification, since nitrogen and phosphorus play an essential role as nutrients in the eutrophication process. One of them is the Calcium Nitrate solution which prevents the formation of hydrogen sulphide (a toxic gas with a strong stench produced as a result of biological activity in sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants), unpleasant odours and corrosion.
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We help to reduce nitrous oxide emissions during combustion in diesel vehicles by converting them into water and nitrogen vapour using AdBlue®, which is made up of osmotised water, free of impurities and metals, and with high-quality urea.

Industrial sector

With extensive experience in the chemical and industrial sector, we collaborate with companies from different sectors to offer high quality products and solutions, our hallmark, and a requirement of all our customers.

  • Glue manufacturing: wood industry, paper companies, rubber and latex industry
  • Circuit cleaning and metal treatment: metallurgical sector, dairy and brewing industry
  • Animal feed: animal feed manufacture
  • Industrial explosives: mining and construction sector
  • Others: pharmaceutical industry, refineries, gas and refrigeration companies.

Products by category

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