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We always focus on the health and safety of people.

At Fertiberia, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our staff, suppliers, contractors and customers. The safety of people and processes is a value that is at the heart of all our activities.


Health and safety:
a value for Fertiberia

Safety and health is inherent in our corporate culture. Our ambition is to achieve a sustainable transformation to a Zero Loss culture and to be recognised internally and externally for our excellence in safety, including in the communities in which we operate.

Our systems are externally certified according to the International Standard ISO 45001. We continuously drive investment, education, information, training and management actions targeting the Zero Loss goal.


Sustainable transformation towards a culture of health and safety with Zero Losses

Fertiberia, which for several years has been immersed in a profound transformation with the aim of leading the green fertilisation of the future in Europe, has also launched the SaFer programme to lead the highest standards in the fields of health, safety and environment in the European chemical industry. Continuous improvement and a commitment to making Safety a way of life is undertaken by the entire workforce.

All activities, initiatives and projects in the field of health and safety are part of the SaFer programme, which applies to all our work centres. The programme aims to cover both occupational safety and process safety, and they have been turned into the definition of a clear, strong ambition of sustainable transformation towards a “Zero Losses” culture in our entire group and effective risk management at our facilities.

This project is structured around four main lines of action

  1. Improving

    Organisational safety performance through strengthening the safety culture and the journey towards interdependence.

  2. Consolidating

    The safety management and governance of the organisation with processes and systems based on world-class practices.

  3. Reinforcing

    Risk control in operations so as to contribute to a significant and sustainable reduction in the number of accidents and environmental impact, with a positive impact on business productivity and profitability.

  4. Strengthening

    Fertiberia's brand reputation and corporate identity in its different production and logistics centres, becoming a benchmark in the sector.

SaFer Awards

In order to involve the entire Fertiberia staff and recognise their efforts in prioritising Health, Safety and the Environment, with the aim of building a safer and more sustainable company together, we have created annual awards that showcase their commitment.

The categories reward exemplary behaviour in terms of safety, risk reduction, excellent performance in safety and the environment and the development of the activity with safe practices and zero accidents.


Behaviours for all our staff

In addition, at Fertiberia we have established basic rules applicable to all the company's staff that must be complied with at all times because they SAVE LIVES .

They define basic safety behaviours that are key to keeping us safe and preventing accidental events and are based on our main risks.

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