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Committed to diverse talents and inclusive environments

At Fertiberia, we believe that talent knows no gender, age, style, thinking or any other variable. Our duty and our responsibility is to create an environment in which each and every person feels part of it: talent has no labels.


What the DEI principles are for Fertiberia

At Fertiberia, we believe in a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that places people at the centre of our business strategy, driven first-hand by the group's Senior Management.


We create diverse work spaces, valuing and promoting the coexistence of different skills, training, origin, culture, gender, abilities, etc. For Fertiberia, talent has no labels, and we firmly believe that diversity is a competitive advantage. That is why we work to ensure that our corporate culture is fully aligned with the goals set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5, 8 and 10, which revolve around Diversity in its multiple approaches (gender, generational, emotional, cultural and functional).


We work every day to ensure that our staff, in all their diversity, feel included, respected and valued, so that they can contribute their best every day to the shared project that is our group.


We understand this term to be much more inclusive than "equality". We know that we are not equal, but we must all be treated equitably. This means recognising the uniqueness of each person in order to offer the same number and type of opportunities so that our differences are never an obstacle to our growth in the company and in society in general.

Our values

Values and principles that guide us in our DEI strategy

We work on the basis of efficiency, commitment, responsibility, excellence, safety, innovation, integrity and trust.

These values determine the way we act and have also guided us in developing our DEI strategy.


A team that ensures inclusion, supported by the Management Committee

Guaranteeing and safeguarding the development of an inclusive environment implies the active involvement of the members of the Management Committee in all DEI strategies, plans and actions where they are required to do so. It also implies recognition, legitimacy and trust in the DEI Committee defined for the development and achievement of the above commitment.

Functions of the DEI Committee

  • Set strategic priorities regarding DEI for our entire group.
  • Drive the different initiatives where necessary.
  • Exert a strategic influence to create a culture of DEI.
  • Act as a spokesperson, internally and externally, on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Coordinate and ensure smooth communication with all areas of the Group regarding DEI.
  • Act as internal advisors and leaders regarding DEI.
  • Give visibility to the commitment to creating inclusive environments in the group.
  • Address all questions, challenges and concerns regarding DEI.

Members of the DEI Committee

  • Javier Goñi del Cacho. CEO. Committee Chair.
  • Alfredo González-Panizo Tamargo. Secretary-General
  • Antonio Pérez Expósito. Production Director
  • Andrea Sánchez. Director of QHSE
  • David Blanco. Director de the subsidiary Intergal
  • Inmaculada Bujeda. Director of Management Control
  • Rita Brito. HR Officer Portugal
  • Amalia García-Loygorri. Legal Advisor
  • Inmaculada Gómez Peco. Director of Talent and People Development.
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