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Following our commitment to continuous improvement in processes, we promote R&D&I in the industry to provide our facilities with the most sustainable equipment.


Developing R&D&I projects in the industrial sector

Our research efforts have led us to participate in numerous industrial innovation projects to reduce energy consumption in our production plants by replacing or renewing equipment with more efficient units.

Here are some of our most relevant projects in this area:

IN POWER Project
The project intends to develop and integrate new innovative material solutions into concentrated solar thermal technology...
Project for new catalytic converters at the ammonia plant in Puertollano
The main objective of this project is to reduce energy consumption at our ammonia production plant in Puertollano.
New interstage heat exchanger project 143-C for process air compressor 101-J
The purpose of this project is the replacement of an inter-stage heat exchanger of the 143-C air compressor to reduce CO2...
Imagen para ilustrar el nuevo proceso de producción de nitrato amónico en la planta de Avilés, dentro de la sección de proyectos industriales.
New ammonium nitrate production process to reduce energy consumption at Avilés factory
At Fertiberia, we have developed an ammonium nitrate production process by means of which a high quality product
The project consists of the design, integration and demonstration of renewable technologies for the production of heat and...
Retrofeed Project
The project aims to drive environmentally friendly processes.
New cooling tower filler in Puertollano project
The purpose of this project is to replace the interior components of the cooling tower with more energy-efficient components.
FILE EAE19/21/0021 – New control project for the Puertollano air compressor steam turbine
Projet d’efficacité énergétique à Puertollano : réduire la consommation d’énergie de notre usine de production d’ammoniac...
The project will condense available knowledge to demonstrate the real actions of IS and to establish appropriate conditions...
Project to change the CO2 absorbing solution for other, more efficient solutions in Puertollano
The main objective of this project is to reduce the energy consumption of our ammonia production plant in Puertollano by...
Improved energy efficiency in the air compressor at the ammonia plant in Palos de la Frontera
Actions on the compressor will allow energy consumption optimisation.
Improved energy efficiency with the ammonia removal system in Palos de la Frontera
This removal system will allow us to reuse ammonia and thus advance our sustainable objectives.
Replacement of boilers in the secondary reformer at the ammonia manufacturing plant in Palos de la Frontera
The project aims to replace the three existing heat exchangers with three new double tube heat exchangers.
Replacement of the urea reactor to improve energy efficiency at the Palos de la Frontera production plant.
The aim of the project is to replace the existing reactor with a highly efficient and reliable design.
Replacement of the compressor rotor of the nitric acid plant at the Sagunto factory
The aim is to increase the performance and efficiency by about 1.5% compared to the current rotor.
Installation of high efficiency motors at the Sagunto factory
The aim of the initiative is to replace four motors at the Sagunto factory with high efficiency motors.
Imagen de cabecera para el Proyecto APOLO, dentro de proyectos industriales, mostrando un buque de transporte de mercancías en el mar, para ilustrar la descarbonización de este medio usando amoníaco
APOLO Project
We are participating in this European project for decarbonisation of the maritime transport sector using ammonia as fuel.
Imagen de cabecera para el Proyecto "Botella Separadora de Amoniaco" para la planta de Puertollano, dentro de proyectos industriales, mostrando el detalle de planta industrial
“Ammonia Separator Cylinder” Project
Funded by the Reindus programme, it consists of the manufacture and assembly of a new ammonia separator cylinder at our Puertollano...
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