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Our social management puts people at the heart of our activities.

Guaranteeing the well-being of our staff and all those who interact with our company is paramount. Therefore, criteria such as occupational health and safety, diversity, equity and inclusion are integrated into every action we take.


Fertiberia, a benchmark when it comes to adding value to society

The way we relate to our workforce, the communities in which we operate and society in general is fully aligned with our corporate principles and values, with a clear objective: to contribute to the well-being of people by helping them to develop their full potential and thus strengthening the bonds that unite us.

The commitment of those of us who make up Fertiberia is absolute when it comes to guaranteeing aspects such as occupational safety, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion criteria and human rights in general. Therefore, we are focusing our social management initiatives on the following aspects:

Health and safety

We work to guarantee people's safety through a sustainable transformation towards a “Zero Losses” culture.

Continuous improvement

We work with different stakeholders to promote a culture of shared learning, as well as the highest levels of quality, operational excellence and compliance.

DEI- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We grow because of the coexistence of various talents in an inclusive work environment. We have strong values and principles promoted by Senior Management.

CSR Projects

We develop and participate in various initiatives that allow us to contribute value to the community, promoting areas such as university research or culture in schools, among others.


Fertiberia, a leader in the production of green hydrogen and low carbon ammonia and high value-added crop nutrition and environmental solutions for industry

What we do

We design and manufacture the most efficient and sustainable products for agriculture and industry


Services to facilitate our customers’ daily tasks


Our pillars to ensure sustainable, innovative and committed investments.


Research, development and innovation for sustainable and responsible growth.

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