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Fertilisation calculator

Discover the product ranges that best suit the needs of your crop, as well as the most suitable dosage for basal and top-dressing to get the best return on your investment


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Type of crop

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Organic matter level

If you know it, please enter the organic matter level of your soil here.
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Crop area

You are doing very well! Now select the province where your plot is located so that we can refine the results as much as possible.

Limiting factor

To find out the fertility of your soil, please tell us the phosphorus and potassium levels of the soil your crops are in. In other words, please mark whether they are high, medium or low.

Phosphorus level
Potassium level
If you don't know it, just click "next". We will calculate the levels based on the average values in your area.

Expected production

You’re almost there! Enter how many kilos per hectare you plan to get. This data is decisive for defining the quantities of product to be applied in the basal and top-dressings.

*Enter the thousands without semicolons or commas. Example: 1000 kg/ha

Products selection

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Select a product for the basal dressing and another one for the top-dressing.

Basal dressing



Here's how much you need for the basal and top-dressings.

*These recommendations are approximate and adjusted on the basis of nitrogen. For a more accurate fertilisation, it should be corrected according to the results of a soil and/or foliar analysis. If you have any questions, you can check with the Agronomic Service.

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