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Grupo Fertiberia announces its new Impact Zero line, the world’s first fertiliser which will be produced with green hydrogen

With the motto “We’re transforming the future from the present”, the new line has been presented at the FIMA International Fair of Agricultural Machinery in Zaragoza

  • The company is at the forefront of industrial decarbonisation with its “Net Zero by 2035” strategy for manufacturing emissions-free plant nutrition solutions.

Grupo Fertiberia is taking another step in its goal of advancing towards the decarbonisation of the agricultural sector and is announcing the market launch of its new range of products called Impact Zero, the world’s first line of plant nutrition solutions produced with green hydrogen. The Group made the announcement while taking part in the FIMA International Fair of Agricultural Machinery which is being held in Zaragoza until 30 April, where the company is showcasing its solutions with its exhibition stand with the motto "We’re transforming the future from the present".

With Impact Zero, Grupo Fertiberia marks the start of a new stage in the production of emissions-free plant nutrition solutions, manufactured with the most innovative technology, the highest level of environmental efficacy and in a totally sustainable fashion thanks to replacing natural gas with environmentally friendly renewable energy sources that ensure a domestic supply, thereby avoiding dependence on sources from other countries. Additionally, this new line guarantees the highest quality for agricultural professionals with high performance and productivity.

"Impact Zero is the result of our ambition to lead the production of green ammonia and plant nutrition solutions", stated Marc Van Doorn, the director of Green Development at Grupo Fertiberia. Along these lines, he highlighted that "this May the company will start producing green ammonia and fertilisers at its Puertollano plant, which will later be followed by the plants in Palos de la Frontera, Avilés and Sagunto."

For his part, Alfredo Segura, the sales director of Fertilisers, has underlined the company’s commitment to food security and sustainability, "now more than ever, as globalisation brings constant challenges for us, it is our responsibility to keep working to offer a range of high added value products that ensure the highest crop yield to avoid expanding agricultural land and preserve the planet’s biodiversity."

The new Impact Zero line is encompassed in the Grupo Fertiberia's Net Zero strategy which will reduce the emissions from industrial activity to zero before 2035 thanks to promoting green ammonia for the production of plant nutrition solutions without a carbon footprint. This solution will also be used for other industrial products. In this way, the company is the first in the agri-food sector that is committed to being carbon neutral in the next decade.

Fertiberia TECH, in FIMA with Tecnifol Anti-Ox and Nergetic DZ+ and its new app

Impact Zero is not the only new solution that the Group has presented at FIMA. For its part, Fertiberia TECH has brought to the trade fair its new line of biotechnological plant nutrition solutions, Tecnifol Anti-Ox, based on a compound of biostimulant substances with antioxidant and nutritional power that continuously activate plant cell defences and efficiently combat oxidative stress, thereby increasing the productive potential of the crops. The company has also showcased Nergetic DZ+, the market’s most advanced and powerful nitrogenous plant nutrition solution, thanks to its combination of the most advanced solutions in fertiliser efficiency. The solution features nutrients protected by C-PRO technology and nutrients activated by Zimactiv technology. These technologies complement the solution’s robust chemical composition by optimising the capacity to provide all its nutrients in a fast, long-lasting manner.

Additionally, the company has presented its new app, which aims to support farmers, experts and distributors with detailed technical information about crop fertilisation and raise awareness of the most innovative and effective Fertiberia TECH solutions for this purpose. The new application has up-to-date content, is highly interactive and communicative with users and has an optimised design.

COM Technology to strengthen plant growth

Lastly, Grupo Fertiberia’s subsidiary Agralia has also presented the new Agroliq+Vigor, a neutral, liquid NPK plant nutrition solution manufactured with the innovative COM technology that enhances plant growth and activates plants’ natural defence mechanisms against extreme biotic and environmental conditions (drought, excess heat, salinity). This growth enhancer, the result of numerous trials carried out by the company’s R&D&i department, is compatible with custom manufacturing of formulations that Agralia produces at its plants in Huesca and Valladolid.

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