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Grupo Fertiberia expands its international network with a subsidiary to kickstart growth in Greece and the Balkans

The new company, called Fertiberia Hellas, is led by a group of professionals with extensive experience in these markets

  • Grupo Fertiberia, a leader in the plant nutrition sector in Europe, is expanding its network of subsidiaries to increase its international profile.
  • The company has recently incorporated the company Fertiberia Hellas in Athens, which will start operations in the month of November, with the goal of becoming a leading brand for farmers in Greek and Balkan markets.

"Grupo Fertiberia has developed unique, innovative solutions for Mediterranean crops which have a great potential to optimize the agricultural yield and the environmental performance of the crops in these markets,” states Guillermo Pérez-Medina, the company’s director of foreign markets.

Currently, Grupo Fertiberia earns 36% of its business on the international market. The creation of a subsidiary in Greece forms part of the strategy designed to become a global company through the development of high added value products with a minimal environmental footprint. "We are the first company in the sector that has committed to reducing its emissions to zero by 2035 through the production of fertilisers with renewable energy and we are also dedicated to leading biotechnology, as confirmed by our Group's recent acquisition of the company Trichodex,” remarks Pérez-Medina.

The company now boasts a consolidated position in other European countries, including Portugal and France, and projects that Greece and the Balkans will become leading markets for the company in upcoming years. "These countries combine a great tradition in the sector with the promotion of entrepreneurs who practice modern, diversified agriculture." Grupo Fertiberia will be a "strategic partner for those farmers who are looking for the most efficient and sustainable productions thanks to our portfolio of high added value and biotechnological products," explains the Foreign Market Director.

For the implementation and development of Fertiberia Hellas, the company has joined together with a group of ten professionals led by Georgios Railakis with extensive experience in advising agricultural entrepreneurs in this market. "Grupo Fertiberia not only has a portfolio of fertilizers with a proven track record in the leading crops in this market, but it also has become the leader in the energy transition in the sector and innovation in ecological solutions, with which it provides a highly attractive offering for farmers who are seeking excellence in their crops,” highlights Railakis.

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