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TRICHODEX® launches VIBACTER, BACNIFOS and FINDER to bring new solutions that help our customers adapt to new market needs without losing profitability. Needs, which are based on obtaining healthy, residue-free, top-quality agri-food products obtained using practices that respect the environment and the natural surroundings.

VIBACTER, BACNIFOS and FINDER are certified as inputs for organic agriculture under standard UNE 142500.

The registry of Biofertilisers based on microorganisms entails the performance of efficacy tests by external certified companies unrelated to the manufacturing company, where the product has shown a notable increase in production, exceeding the statistical analyses carried out and obtaining high significance with an untreated control.

These tests are carried out according to the standards proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Spanish Government, which guarantee the optimal performance of the tests and therefore the reliability and certainty of the results. On the other hand, full traceability of the product is required in all the analyses carried out and certifies the complete safety of the products, both in terms of heavy metals and human pathogenic organisms.

"Obtaining the registry from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is a seal of guarantee that VIBACTER, FINDER and BACNIFOS are effective and safe products."

The new Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 on fertilising products was adopted on 5 June 2019 by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union and will be mandatory in all its elements and directly applicable on 16 July 2022.

Among the results of our tests, accepted by the ministry, is the 30% reduction of nitrogen fertilisation stemming from the use of VIBACTER and FINDER and the 30% reduction of phosphate fertilisation with the application of BACNIFOS.

With the use of these products, we exceeded the measures adopted in the "From farm to fork" strategy proposed by the commission, without production losses.

Adapting to the new limitations proposed by the commission will give us a competitive advantage, anticipating market demands.

TRICHODEX as a manufacturer of microbiome-based biotechnological formulations for more than 30 years, follows the highest quality standards ensuring optimal product quality and shelf life.

We have a large production capacity, unique at the national level, with bioreactors and state-of-the-art automated processes that allow us to ensure an efficient supply chain.

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