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Fertibersol Nitro

Fertibersol Nitro is the brand name of Fertiberia's 34.5% soluble ammonium nitrate, a product which, due to its high purity and very high solubility, is indicated for use in fertigation and hydroponics. The unique properties of Fertibersol Nitro mean that it can be used directly in irrigation water, after dissolution, or in the manufacture of nitrogenous stock solutions or those resulting from the mixture of various fertilisers.

Nitro contains 50% of its nitrogen in nitric form, and the other 50% in ammoniacal form. Most of the nitrogen present, once it is dissolved and injected into the irrigation stream, is immediately assimilated by the crop, while a part is retained in the soil exchange complex, so that the nitrogen is distributed very homogeneously in the wet bulb.

Product subject to Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 on the marketing and use of explosives precursors.

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