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Nitraliq+SDCD is the family of liquid nitrogen fertilisers with sulphur stabilised with the inhibitor SDCD, which makes it suitable for the top dressing of all types of crops. Its content in all three forms of nitrogen, together with 100% soluble sulphur of maximum availability, ensures the joint supply of these elements for a longer period of time.

The range incorporates the innovative nitrification inhibitor SDCD from Grupo Fertiberia, which significantly reduces the volatilisation of nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitric nitrogen (NO3) losses through leaching, optimising the use of the nitrogen supplied to the maximum. Its application is compatible with soil spraying systems or by means of dosing devices that inject the irrigation water by fertigation. Nitraliq+SDCD has different formulations that can be adapted to the different nutritional needs and phenological moments of all crops.

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