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KaRMA2020 Project



The main objective of the project is to develop new bio-based products for high impact sectors from poultry feather waste.

Industrial recovery of feather waste for keratin-based sustainable materials

Summary and objectives

The main objective of the KaRMA2020 project is to develop new bio-based products for high impact sectors from poultry feather waste.

This objective will be achieved through the following steps:

  • Improvement of feather waste pre-treatment and conditioning processes.
  • Optimisation of the isolation of keratin and other feather-based raw materials.
  • Validation of new feather-based raw materials for bio-based end products.

Benefits and positive impacts

The project will have a number of relevant benefits and impacts, including:

  • Technical impact, through the optimisation of feather processing methods from laboratory to industrial scale.
  • Industrial impact, through the manufacture of bio-based raw materials and the production and validation of end products.
  • Environmental impact, through the reduction of the negative environmental effect due to feather waste, as well as the substitution of non-renewable primary raw materials by renewable raw materials for industrial production.
  • Economic impact, through the promotion of innovative applications and products. Increased value from existing waste.

Participating entities


The KaRMA2020 project (Project 723268) has been funded by the European Union for research and innovation H2020.


January 2017 - December 2019



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