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Restore 20/30 project


In progress

An emblematic project for the environmental restoration of the phosphogypsum stacks in Huelva.

An emblematic project for the environmental restoration of the phosphogypsum stacks in Huelva.

Within our strategy to manage resources in a more efficient and sustainable way, we have launched the large environmental recovery project, Restore 20/30, which involves the environmental restoration of 720 hectares of phosphogypsum stacks in Huelva. The project, which is globally emblematic, has been endorsed by the highest scientific authorities in Spain.

Restore 20/30 provides for the phosphogypsum stacks to be fully encapsulated, in order to prevent any contact with the outside, and the restoration and replanting of the land to merge it with the Huelva marshlands, once the internal water and the water infiltrated by rain have been drained. This will make this space one of Huelva's natural lungs.

Phases of the project

With a budget of 65 million Euros, this project will be carried out in two phases over its ten-year development.

  • The execution phase, which comprises an estimated period of 10 years, includes the drainage of the water inside the gypsum, top sealing, perimeter sealing of the entire complex with the installation of an impermeable barrier to ensure that water does not come into contact with the sealed area and landscape recovery of the site with the inclusion of an additional layer of topsoil revegetated with native plants (mastic, montpellier cistus, etc.) in order to reintegrate the areas into the environment of the Odiel Marshes. The whole thing will have a rainwater run-off system, which will prevent possible erosion of the vegetation.
  • Post-closing phase, which includes a 30-year follow-up and control plan to prevent any kind of environmental impact. This will make use of the most advanced instruments and involves an intensive plan that includes analysis of surface water, underground water, the radiological situation, atmospheric emissions, meteorological data, etc. in order to guarantee the safety and longevity of the project.


10 years of execution, 30 years of follow-up


€65 million

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