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Water is life, Velltrix is life

Biotechnology and agriculture join forces for responsible water management. Water is life! A fundamental element for life, with an enormous value for health, the economy, the integrity of our natural environment and the survival of the planet and its biodiversity. This year, 2023, the theme is "The importance of water", as a reminder of the importance of this precious element.

The production and use of biofertilisers helps to improve soil quality, increase water retention and reduce the need for irrigation, thus contributing to the conservation of water resources. Moreover, biofertilisers can also improve crop productivity and reduce soil erosion, thus improving water quality and reducing water pollution.

Biofertiliser companies can play an important role in promoting sustainable water management by promoting agricultural practices that reduce water pollution and dependence on water resources. Biofertilisers represent a sustainable alternative for developing climate-change resilient agriculture. The future lies in contributing to the reduction of its effects by changing cultivation habits and using cleaner agricultural practices, such as the search for new tools and solutions, which help crops to cope with adverse weather conditions.

At TRICHODEX® Grupo Fertiberia, aware of this great challenge facing agriculture worldwide, we develop environmentally friendly products and technologies to protect crops in situations of abiotic stress such as lack of water.

Velltrix, a product based on a consortium of Trichoderma sp., PGPR bacteria and rhizosphere mycorrhizae, allows plants to resist water stress conditions, thanks to the consortium's ability to grow in low humidity conditions, without affecting their settlement and development in the rhizosphere zone. Therefore, it interacts with plant roots, promoting adequate growth and physiological development of crops. Velltrix thus allows a better adaptation to temperature changes and water deficit.

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