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A German and Swedish delegation visits the hydrogen project being promoted by Grupo Fertiberia and Iberdrola in Puertollano

The commissioner of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for Hydrogen and the Investment Director of Invest in Norbotten are familiar with this pioneering initiative in the EU

  • The green hydrogen plant promoted by the alliance of Grupo Fertiberia and Iberdrola in Puertollano, the first to produce this resource on a large scale in Europe, is attracting the interest of major international players and authorities in this technology.

A delegation headed by Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, commissioner of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for Hydrogen, visited the Fertiberia factory in Puertollanothis Thursday to see in situ this pioneering project that will be a reality in Spain after next May. The delegation was also joined by Mox Murugan, Investment Director of the regional development agency Invest in Norbotten.

  • Both have contemplated the high level of development of this innovative initiative, which consists of a 100 MW photovoltaic solar park, a lithium-ion battery system with a storage capacity of 20 MWh and the 20 MW hydrogen production systems by electrolysis.
  • The green hydrogen produced by Iberdrola will be recovered at Grupo Fertiberia's ammonia factory to produce green ammonia and emission-free fertilisers as well as other products for industrial use (such as AdBlue).

The initiative has made significant progress in recent months, with Iberdrola completing the installation of the renewable hydrogen storage tanks, while Grupo Fertiberia has already laid out the entire piping system from which it will receive the green hydrogen for transformation into ammonia and sustainable fertilisers.

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann was also accompanied by Marc Van Doorn, director of Grupo Fertiberia's Green Ammonia and Fertilisers area, José Antonio Cabello, director of the Puertollano plant, and Isaac del Moral, the company's Energy director.

The plant currently being built in Puertollano is part of a larger project to place Spain at the forefront of green hydrogen and ammonia in Europe and make it a technological reference in the production and use of this resource, especially in the field of electrolysis. To this end, both companies are leading an initiative that globally envisages the development of 830 MW of electrolysis for the production of green ammonia with an investment of 1.8 billion Euros until 2027.

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