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Botrytis cinerea is the most widespread pathogen in the world

The increase in relative humidity and the presence of free water in recent days has favoured the appearance of foliar diseases on crops. Grey rot caused by Botrytis cinerea is one of the most common and widespread diseases, appearing in vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants and crop fields all over the world. In greenhouses, it is one of the most frequent diseases, due to the high humidity conditions that favour the development of the pathogen.     This disease leads to important economic losses, occurring both during the crop cycle and later during harvesting, storage and transport of the harvest.   Among the most serious damage caused by the disease are:
  • Death in seedlings in post- and pre-emergence 
  • Brown, spreading lesions on leaves.
  • Necrosis of stem and petioles 
  • Flower abortion 
  • Fruit rot in pre- and post-harvest.
Disease control starts with the removal of affected material in the field and storage rooms, as well as good aeration and rapid drying of plants and fruit. In greenhouses, humidity must be reduced by ventilation and heating.  On the other hand, knowledge of the optimum growth conditions of the pathogen (15-20ºC) and rainfall forecasts (15 hours free water), will allow us to carry out fundamental preventive measures to control the disease.    Single leaf tests are a useful tool to determine, prior to field trials, the efficacy of the products in a simple and quick way.   In single leaf tests carried out by the TRICHODEX R&D&I department, we have verified that the joint application of BIOCLEAN LKE®️  y TRICHOBOT®️  on lettuce leaves of the "Romana" variety achieves efficacy levels of 48% (curative treatments) exceeding the biological reference used.  We thus obtain an effective solution for the farmer to control this severe disease. With BIOCLEAN LKE®️  and TRICHOBOT®️ , residue-free products, applications can be made at flowering, fruit set and fruit ripening, critical times for the development of grey rot.    

8 cc/l biological reference


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