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Fertiberia and Agrifirm join forces for the development of low-carbon crop nutrition solutions in the Netherlands

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Thanks to this agreement, which has come about through Fertiberia’s subsidiary (Van de Reijt) in the Netherlands, the Dutch cooperative has already received the first containers of 'Nergetic DS+ DuoPro - Impact Zero'

  • Fertiberia’s Impact Zero range is an international pioneer, as its production replaces the use of natural gas with green hydrogen as an energy source
  • As well as being low in carbon, these high value fertilisers include DuoPro technology, which protects nutrients from leaching losses, increasing efficiency and crop yields

Madrid, April 10th, 2024 – Fertiberia takes a further step in its internationalization strategy and its commitment to sustainable and high-value fertilization. Through its Dutch subsidiary Van De Reijt, Fertiberia has allied with The Royal Agrifirm Group, a cooperative with more than 10,000 members that promotes a responsible and sustainable food chain for future generations, to drive the development of low-carbon fertilizers in the Netherlands.

Thanks to this agreement, the cooperative has already received the first containers of ‘Nergetic DS+ DuoPro – Impact Zero’, an innovative crop nutrition solution produced with renewable hydrogen and on an industrial scale which is unique in Europe. The result is a pioneering fertiliser in the world with minimal CO2 emissions, which drastically reduces its environmental impact. In turn, the DuoPro Technology, present in Nergetic fertilizers, protects all nutrients in the crop nutrition solution from leaching losses, further increasing the efficiency of the use of nitrogen by crop and improving the emissions of N2O to the atmosphere.

It provides nitrogen with dual protection:

  • On the one hand, in the form of a regulating polymer (physical protection), which coats fertilizer granules protecting all nutrients and slowing losses by leaching nitric and ammoniacal nitrogen.
  • And on the other hand, in the form of a nitrification inhibitor, which promotes the reduction of nitric nitrogen leaching.

The distribution and logistics of Impact Zero is a key step in our strategy to develop the market for low-carbon agriculture products in the Netherlands,” says Piet Jan Voorwinden, senior sales manager of Van de Reijt.

Impact Zero fits perfectly in the Low Carbon Crop concept that Agrifirm has developed. In that concept Agrifirm Plant Based Solutions brings knowledge and low carbon products together to help food chains to reduce the carbon footprint. “Impact Zero helps us to reduce the carbon footprint of crops substantially because of the minimal CO2-eq impact in the production and the reduction of nitric nitrogen leaching”, says Jan Nammen Jukema, conceptmanager at Agrifirm Plant Based Solutions.

Net Zero by 2035

Grupo Fertiberia is the first major company in the sector to commit to being carbon neutral in the next decade. The key to meeting this goal is to boost the production of clean ammonia developed with sources such as green hydrogen. To this end, the company is already transforming its production capacity on the Iberian Peninsula and is leading new initiatives in Sweden and Norway based on clean energy sources.

Van de Reijt’s capabilities – in logistics, distribution and market knowledge – play an essential role in this transformation. Its leading position in the Netherlands and Belgium enables this new market for low-carbon fertilisers produced in renewable energy-efficient countries to grow. In addition to their environmental benefits, these fertilisers are produced in Europe with local energy and raw materials, enhancing the EU’s energy independence and food sovereignty.

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Imagen para el interior de la noticia
Imagen para el interior de la noticia "Grupo Fertiberia celebra el Día Mundial de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo con la entrega de sus Premios SaFer" mostrando las fotos de los premiados
Imagen para el interior de la noticia

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