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H2F Project

State: Operative

Green hydrogen, low carbon ammonia and low carbon fertiliser plant

This project is based on a 20 MW electrolyser developed by Iberdrola. The hydrogen produced is consumed in our plant to produce low carbon ammonia and low carbon fertilisers. With the electrolyser operational, we have already decarbonised up to 10% of our production in Puertollano.

The plant developed by Iberdrola is capable of generating 100% green hydrogen through one of the largest electrolysis systems in the world. The project has zero CO2 emissions thanks to the use of renewable energy from an innovative 100 MW solar photovoltaic plant integrated into the facility.

The green hydrogen produced is used in our ammonia plant in Puertollano. Already one of the most efficient plants in the European Union – with a production capacity of more than 200,000 t/year – it has been upgraded and modified to use green hydrogen production to then manufacture green fertilisers. Thanks to this technology, we will be able to reduce the plant’s natural gas needs by more than 10%, and it will enable us to achieve our goal of being the first European company in the sector to develop a large-scale experience in the generation of low carbon ammonia.

The project has been developed in several phases, with a first phase of 20 MW already in operation and a second phase, with up to 200 MW of additional capacity, in the pipeline.

The project has been selected by the IPCEI Hydrogen Programme.

Full electrolysis capacity

220 MW

Promoter partners

Fertiberia, Iberdrola

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