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Spain, as the main producer of oranges in the European Union with 140,310 ha cultivated and a production of 3,226,870 tonnes (FAOSTAT, 2019), is one of the countries where diseases such as rot (Phytophthora sp) have an enormous economic impact.

The main losses caused by the disease are due, on the one hand, to the fall of the fruit from the tree with the presence of rotted spots (pre-harvest losses) and, on the other hand, to the appearance of soft, watery rotted spots once the fruit has been harvested (post-harvest). 

The onset of the first rains (expected next week) and the mild temperatures of this time of the year favour the appearance of the first symptoms of rot and their higher incidence. Therefore, it is time to start preventive applications to reduce the impact. 

Forecast sky conditions Monday 1 November 2021 (AEMET)

The use of products that combine the activation of the plant's "immune system" with the contribution of microelements that improve the physiological state of the crop is a very effective tool for controlling this disease. 

TIDAL is a formulation based on the 'priming effect', activating the immune system of plants but without causing stress, as well as providing micronutrients that act on specific enzymatic processes.

The application of TIDAL (0.75 cc/L) in certified citrus trials in the presence of rot, achieves a reduction of the disease of 77% in pre-harvest and 85.5-74.4% in post-harvest, thus reducing losses and leaving no residues on the fruit.

Source: FAOSTAT , 2019

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