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The Costa Tropical of Malaga and Granada, due to its orography and weather conditions, offers ideal conditions for the cultivation of subtropical species such as avocado, mango and custard apple, making it the main producing area of these crops in the European Union. The area devoted to these crops has been increasing over time, reaching 13,100 ha of avocado in the province of Malaga and Granada in 2019, 20% more since last year (FAO).  This increase in the area under cultivation, together with the lack of rainfall, has led to a situation of water deficit, which is a serious limiting factor in the productivity of these crops. Water scarcity has led the relevant authorities to limit the use of water for agriculture. An example of this is the case of the Viñuela reservoir, located in the Axarquia area, where the use of water for agriculture has been reduced by up to 60% (Malagahoy, 2020). On the other hand, the yield of Spanish farms compared to the rest of the world is relatively low, ranking 32nd in the world with 7.4 t/ha in 2018. This figure is well below the yields obtained in other producing countries (~25 t/ha) (FAO, 2018). This could be due to insufficient water resources (~7,500 m3/ha/year compared to ~9,500 m3/ha year). (MAPA)  Therefore, it is imminent to look for alternatives to avoid such a reduction in crop yields due to lack of water and to improve the optimisation of existing resources. After analysing this problem, TRICHODEX has designed a solution capable of retaining water and avoiding losses through runoff, ensuring optimum water status for the plant. CHAUME is a blend of non-ionic surfactants which promote the filtration, retention and lateral movement of water in the soil. CHAUME is an optimal solution that reduces the frequency of irrigation and achieves the best use and availability of nutrients. It does not contain phosphates or perchloric acid. In addition, the incorporation of Ascophyllum nodosum algae extract in its formulation stimulates the crop, improving its physiological conditions to be able to cope with stressful moments. Improved aeration capacity, through the application of CHAUME, prevents anaerobic conditions (lack of oxygen) in the rhizosphere, favouring the plant's natural microbiome.  In trials to evaluate the effect of CHAUME application on leachate volume and electrical conductivity in tomato plants under controlled conditions, we achieved 9% less leaching losses. In addition to a decrease in salt concentration (EC) of 20% in the drainage water, thus increasing the retention of nutrients in the substrate.

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