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TRICHODEX has participated in the 16th National Plant Health Symposium held in Seville from the 30th and 31st of March until the 1st of April at Hotel Meliá Seville, being part of the event that has brought together professionals in the agricultural sector. A meeting, organised by the Official Association of Agricultural Technical Engineers of Western Andalusia (COITAND), served as a reference for Plant Health in Spain, bringing together the highest authorities in each field and giving the opportunity to discuss about the current and future of plant health. TRICHODEX participated in the Symposium with a stand where we could help anyone interested in learning more about the new BIOAdapta® tool. In addition, on Thursday 31st March, Khalid Akdi, Deputy General Manager, and Silvia Castillo, Efficacy Trials Manager, took part in the event with a presentation on "Climate change is a REALITY, adaptation is a NEED, BIOAdapta®". 

They explained the importance of the restoration of the plant microbiome as it has the potential to reduce the incidence of plant diseases, increase agricultural production, reduce chemical inputs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which results in more sustainable agricultural practices. They added to the presentation that this objective is considered vital to sustain the growing world population and that with the BIOAdapta®, you help to modify this ecological niche by displacing pathogens and promoting favourable conditions for beneficial microorganisms. In summary, they explained that BIOAdapta® is a different strategy that brings the super ingredients present in nature back to the field, using highly innovative biotechnological processes. 

Without a doubt, it has been a privilege to share a small part of us and to participate once again in the National Plant Health Symposium. It has been an opportunity to show all the attendees the results of more than 30 years of effort, dedication and daily improvement to offer solutions where quality and excellence are the main protagonists. 

You can see our participation in the following video:

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