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32.5% Urea AdBlue®

AdBlue® is a clear, colourless, high-purity liquid with chemical name “32.5% by weight aqueous urea solution” and its trade name is “automotive grade urea solution”. It is the only AdBlue produced entirely in Spain with local raw materials in certified industrial facilities.

Fertiberia’s AdBlue is the only AdBlue that has obtained Aenor external quality certification, and is a double certified product together with the accreditation of the VDA (German Association of Automobile Manufacturers).

We supply the main oil companies and the largest vehicle manufacturers on the peninsula. We have our own distribution with national coverage for deliveries from 1,000 L to 25,000 L, as well as 5 L, 10 L, 200 L and 1,000 L containers.

Safety Data Sheet •

Mode of application

SCR technology requires a continuous supply of AdBlue®, a top-quality 32.5% urea solution as a reducing agent.

AdBlue® is classified in the lowest risk category of transportable fluids. It is not fuel, nor is it mixed with it, and is transported in the vehicle in a separate tank. Like diesel, it is possible to refuel with AdBlue® at filling stations (either public or customer-owned). If you spill AdBlue® on your hands, simply wash them with water.

It is estimated that AdBlue® consumption in commercial vehicles represents 5% of total diesel consumption and 1% in the case of passenger cars.

Other observations

The use of contaminated or poor quality AdBlue® can lead to costly damage to the catalytic converter in your vehicle. The AdBlue® registered trademark is owned by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), which guarantees that all ISO 22241 quality specifications are met.

Make sure you only buy a product for your vehicle that bears the name AdBlue® together with the registered trademark (®) on the label. Fertiberia’s AdBlue® guarantees you all the quality required for use in SCR technology.

Technical specifications

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