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HE-Complex Project



The project focuses on the development and design of highly efficient complex fertilisers for crop mineral nutrition.

High efficiency complex fertilisers

The evolution that is happening in Spain and in neighbouring countries towards a more modern and more technology-oriented agriculture, where sustainability and productivity are essential requirements for the survival of the agricultural sector, represents an opportunity for innovation.

At Fertiberia, we have taken on this challenge by making a firm commitment to research and innovation in new advanced fertilisers that increase the nutritional efficiency of crops compared to traditional fertilisers.


Complex fertilisers are the most complete products for crop mineral nutrition. They are also the most widely used for basal dressing, in the period between pre-sowing and the early stages of plant development.

  • The HE-Complex project focuses on the development and design of highly efficient complex fertilisers that guarantee the availability of nutrients throughout the crop cycle, reduce the chances of precipitation or blockage in the soil and avoid the risk of leaching losses.

This project has allowed us to add to our portfolio a new range of High Efficiency Complex Fertilisers for basal dressing, especially in environmentally sensitive crops or management situations.

The HE-COMPLEX project is carried out with the collaboration of CDTI.





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