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Advanced tools for the integration and synergistic interfacing of microbiomes in resilient food systems

Advanced tools for the integration and synergistic interfacing of microbiomes in resilient food systems

The TRIBIOME project focuses on the study of microbiomes (microorganisms and their genetic material) of soil and plants with the aim of making research into new tools possible, enabling an improvement in wheat crop yields and a future production of advanced and more nutritious foods.

  • Specifically, microbiome interactions related to agricultural production and their variation under abiotic and biotic stresses will be analysed in Spain, Italy and South Africa.

By understanding the fluctuations and variability of the soil microbiome, three strategies will be developed to obtain improved food by:

  • The analysis and evaluation of microbiome fluctuations under abiotic stress conditions (drought and lack of nutrients) to know which microbial agents act in a protective way on the plant.
  • Biofortification strategies according to an evaluation of microbial species capable of increasing bioavailability for micronutrient absorption by the plant.
  • The reduction of mycotoxin content under post-harvest conditions, ensuring food safety through the use of biocontrol agents, which exert a protective action on the plant against certain fungal infections.


The main objectives of the project are:

  • Address an innovative multi-stakeholder approach to boost agri-food sustainability.
  • Model microbiomes to boost their dynamics in the soil, in order to improve the quality and productivity of wheat crops.
  • Ensure circularity and adaptation to climate change through valorisation processes.
  • Demonstrate and validate newly developed microbiome tools.
  • Establish a robust and reliable interconnection between plant, animal and human microbiomes contributing to healthy and sustainable nutrition.

Participating entities


The TRIBIOME project (Project 101084485) has been funded by the European Union for research and innovation Horizon Europe (HORIZON).


January 2023 - December 2026



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