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25% Ammoniacal Solution

Ammoniacal solution is a product obtained by dissolution-absorption of anhydrous ammonia in high purity demineralised water in the appropriate proportion to obtain the desired concentration between 24.5 and 24.9%. This solution is easier to handle than anhydrous ammonia and can be used safely for NOx emission control.

Its most frequent uses are:

  • Reduction of NOx emissions in incinerators, cement plants and thermal plants.
  •  Detergency.
  •  N supply in the manufacture of yeast and in water treatment.


  • Colouring and dye industry.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis.
  •  Wood and leather industry.
  • Fertiliser industry, especially in the manufacture of suspensions.
(*) Technical specifications corresponding to the product manufactured in the Puertollano plant.

Safety Data Sheet •

Mode of application

SNCR Systems: 

Injection of the reagent into the gas stream after combustion, where temperatures range from 850 to 1050 °C. SNCR technology is widely used in cement plants, waste incinerators, biomass or conventional fuel boilers.

SCR Systems: 

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by using a catalyst and injecting the reagent into the gas stream after combustion.

Technical specifications

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