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Fertiberia’s Avilés plant 2017-2018 competitiveness plan


in progress

Project consisting of improvements and adaptations to the production lines at our Avilés plant to improve competitiveness and business productivity.

What does the project involve?

This project, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the Reindus programme, consists of improvements and adaptations to the existing production lines at our Avilés plant, with the aim of improving competitiveness and business productivity.

Scope of the project

This project that is in progress, which has already been executed almost in its entirety, has been structured around several milestones aimed at achieving results.

  • Among the actions contemplated, we can highlight the material execution of the works, the acquisition of the necessary apparatus and equipment, their installation, the training of the personnel involved in the use of the new technologies and, finally, their commissioning.
  • The facilities and equipment that have been improved include, among others, the leak-tight control room at the NH3 storage terminal, the railing of the NAC warehouse overpass, the installation of a new additive tank, the assembly of a weighing scale under NSA cooling, the IP block for the turbo generator or the installation of an NH3 evaporator with water from the NSA plant.

Results obtained

The project, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the Reindus programme, has met the objectives set out in the application for aid: “Adaptation or increase in production to market products in a foreign market other than those used up until the date of application or increase in the percentage of turnover from sales abroad.”

At Fertiberia, we have managed to implement the planned improvements and adaptations to our production lines at the Avilés plant. In addition to helping us to position ourselves as one of the most important companies in the fertiliser sector, carrying out our activity under strict responsible criteria, the project has facilitated our objective of entering new and potential foreign markets where, until the project was developed, we had not exported (Africa, Asia and the USA).

Relevant data

Imagen para el Proyecto Plan de competitividad 2017-2018 de la planta de Avilés de Fertiberia" mostrando la financiación del proyecto dentro del Programa de Apoyo Financiero de Reindustrialización y Fomento de la Competitividad Industrial (REINDUS) del Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo

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