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Soil and Microbiome: the dynamic duo

A healthy and balanced microbiome is the best way to protect your crops, as it plays an important role in plant development and the way plants cope with both biotic and abiotic stress.

Crops have a productive genetic potential, but reaching it under current environmental conditions is unfeasible. Organochemicals have traditionally been used to bridge this production gap, although their low efficiency prevents them from being complete solutions. Thus, higher crop yields depend not only on their genetic potential but also on "soil health”.

By "soil health" we mean "The sustained ability of the soil to function as a living system that: supports biological productivity, maintains environmental quality and promotes the health of plants, animals and people." The abundance and diversity of the soil microbiome is the key bio-indicator of soil health, which has the capacity to increase agricultural yields.

Soil well-being is achieved when the MICROBIOME is in balance with organic matter and minerals, as in the human being when the digestive system, 
brain and heart are in harmony."

TRICHODEX®, aware of this new approach and as an expert in biotechnology applied to agriculture, is developing new technologies to restore the soil microbiome and thus mitigate the impact of agricultural practices on the soil. Resilience is intimately associated with the diversity of microbial communities along with the structural stability and organic matter of the soil.

Once our microbiome-based products, with protagonists that are "influencer" microorganisms, are applied, they favour the restoration and improvement of soil health. We thus contribute to the design of resilient agricultural systems, where external inputs are rationalised and biological processes mediated by microorganisms are promoted.

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