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The call for the ’24th Young Researchers Awards’ of the Huelva Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters in collaboration with Fertiberia is open

Any researcher or artist under 35 years of age who can demonstrate relevant professional and scientific merits may participate

  • The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, 20 October, and the results will be announced on 3 November.
  • This sponsorship will increase the prize money to one thousand Euros for each of the three categories.

Huelva, 19 September 2023 – Today, 19 September, the call for the ‘24th Young Researchers Awards‘ of the Huelva Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, sponsored by Fertiberia, opens. A competition focused on the recognition of the scientific and artistic merits of young graduates under 35 years of age, thus promoting their research and creativity.

The Huelva Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters is a public law corporation, established on 30 November 1998, the primary aim of which is to promote and disseminate culture in the local and provincial environment, in all fields, i.e., sciences, arts and letters. Its 27 current permanent members come from a wide range of backgrounds: University, business, artistic activities, liberal professions and others. In addition to their extensive experience in the field where they work, they all share a common denominator: their interest in culture in its most diverse expressions.

In the last edition of the Awards, the winners were Cristina Cadenas Sánchez in the Science category and Victoria Aranda Arribas in the Literature category, while the Arts category was not awarded. The research quality of the award winners’ contributions was, as on previous occasions and as the Academy always seeks, excellent.

This year’s edition of the Awards will be sponsored by Fertiberia, a leading company in the field of plant nutrition in Europe. Thanks to support from Grupo Fertiberia, the amount of each award will be increased to 1,000 Euros. “The Young Researchers Awards not only promote science, arts and letters among young creators, but also foster their young talent. We have great professionals in our country who need the support of companies and institutions to continue to enhance their skills and knowledge,” said André Luis Negrao, director of the Fertiberia plant in Huelva. “The Huelva Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters has a social commitment and at Fertiberia we are proud to support initiatives like this.”

Emilio Pascual, president of the Academy, thanked Fertiberia for its sponsorship: “it allows progress to be made in the economic (and not just honorary) recognition of the scientific and creative merits of our candidates. In fact, for years these merits have been beyond the capacity of our Institution to recognise them as they deserve.” “Now, thanks to the sponsorship of Fertiberia, we are starting down a new path which, in addition to better rewarding the creativity of our professionals, will also improve the impact and visibility of our activities beyond the local sphere“, he pointed out.

Any researcher or artist with relevant professional and scientific merits, under 35 years of age, may participate in these awards, as long as they have not been awarded in previous editions. The three categories of the 24th Young Researchers Awards are: Science, Art and Letters.

  • Anyone wishing to participate must submit the documentation electronically through the website of the Huelva Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, at this address, where the complete rules and regulations of this call can be consulted.
  • The deadline for submitting applications and supporting documents is Friday 20 October 2023 at the latest.

The decision of the competition, which will be final, will take place on 3 November 2023 after the meeting of the jury, which will be made up of the President of the Huelva Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (ACALHU), the director of Fertiberia in Huelva and three ACALHU members specialising in the winning subjects. The winners will be presented at a public event in November.

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Imagen para el interior de la noticia
Imagen para el interior de la noticia "Grupo Fertiberia celebra el Día Mundial de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo con la entrega de sus Premios SaFer" mostrando las fotos de los premiados
Imagen para el interior de la noticia

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