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Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated every 11 February, with the aim of achieving access, full and equal participation in this sector, achieving equality. We invite you to discover the beginnings, motivations and trajectory of three of the members of our team! Profiles ranging from the R&D&I department to quality processes and efficacy trials.

Sanaa Kamah is a biologist with a PhD in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Seville. She works as head of the R&D&I and quality department at TRICHODEX®. Why did you decide to embark on this career path?
Behind all well-being and progress there are scientific advances. Any activity in everyday life, from taking an aspirin to turning on a smartphone, is explained by different scientific discoveries that have ended up in industrial processes. Research is the tool that pushes the limits of scientific knowledge into unexplored areas. In this sense, in the TRICHODEX® R&D&I department we are always looking for alternatives for the design of efficient and cost-effective solutions for advanced and sustainable agriculture. Science is the greatest collective enterprise of mankind.
As a research scientist, the subject of my doctoral thesis was the synthesis, characterisation and study of the biological and antitumour activity of new complexes for the cure of cancer, searching for less aggressive alternatives with fewer side effects. Both in my professional career and in my thesis, the starting point has always been science.

What has science contributed to your profession?
What has science not contributed to our lives? One only has to look around and wonder what life would be like without science. Personally, I find it helps me to cope successfully with everyday changes, both professional and personal, to acquire new knowledge and, above all, to stay intellectually active and at the forefront.

Ana Domínguez is an efficacy trial development technician. She works as an agronomist development specialist in field solutions at TRICHODEX®.
Why would you encourage future generations to pursue a career in science?

Because you help provide data for healthier and more environmentally friendly food results. At the end of the day, society demands and needs healthy habits. And that is what I am passionate about in my work as an agronomist.

At what point in your life do science and a passion for agriculture come together?
My enthusiasm and love for dedicating myself to this sector, which is agriculture, stems from the experiences I have gained from my childhood to the present day. I come from a family of farmers who have worked with this sector that gives me so much day after day.

How would you give more visibility to this International Day of Women and Girls in Science?
By promoting activities, conferences and training that promote the insertion and a clear working knowledge in scientific and agronomic development.

Rosario Rodríguez is responsible for purchasing and HR at TRICHODEX®. She has more than 25 years of experience in the sector.

Why is it important to celebrate this International Day of Women and Girls in Science?
It is important to focus on a reality in an environment that currently generates references in society. I believe that the fact of knowing and learning from other people is very significant to broaden expectations and horizons of possible professions, that is, that they know that they have other options beyond the role that has traditionally been given to them in society. This aspect will definitely contribute to the progress and economic development of the world, and it will also lead to improvement in relation to the aims and objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Why would you encourage future generations to develop a career in this sector?
Because it is an exciting career, full of possibilities, opportunities and collaborations, both national and international, that help you open your mind and have new perspectives for the future, get to know other cultures and learn to develop professionally. In other words, you have to add up to achieve a better and more sustainable world.

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