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NSAFE® by Fertiberia. Pioneering technology in the world and a further step towards sustainability

The first nitrification bio-inhibitor that increases crop yields while respecting the soil.


The first bio-inhibitor that prevents nitrogen losses, protects soil biodiversity and increases yields

  • A unique and pioneering technology to take a leap towards sustainability.
  • With the aim of having healthier, more lively and more productive soils, reducing nitrogen loss in soil and air.
  • To highlight the wealth that sustains us.
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We want to be a benchmark in sustainable fertilisation and, therefore, after 6 years of research and development, we are taking yet another step in this direction with the launch of the first biological inhibitor that protects nitrogen and prolongs its activity, remaining active in the soil for longer and allowing plants to assimilate it more slowly.


Keys to Fertiberia’s new biological inhibitor NSAFE®

  • This is a new microbiological development that acts as a nitrification inhibitor, retaining nitrogen in the soil and preventing it from being lost to the soil (leaching) or the air (volatilisation).
  • NSAFE® protects nitrogen and prolongs its activity, remaining active in the soil for a longer amount of time and allowing plants to absorb it more slowly. And it does so with a very distinctive feature: respecting microbial life and without having any impact on the microorganisms present in the soil.
  • NSAFE® is more efficient than any chemical inhibitor because, unlike the others, it does not act on ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4+) like synthetic inhibitors do. Instead, it acts on nitric nitrogen (NO3-) directly, which is able to absorb it into its organic structure in the protein form and release it as organic nitrogen after the end of its life cycle.

Wheres NSAFE® is applied

  • NSAFE® will be applied in an initial phase in our Nergetic DZ+ range by Fertiberia TECH and will be progressively incorporated into the remaining products in the Nergetic line over the next few years, therefore distinguishing it from all other solutions on the market.
  • This technology will initially be launched on the Spanish market, where it has already been registered by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food after a thorough certification process, and procedures for launching it internationally are already underway.
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With NSAFE®, at Fertiberia, we invest in the wealth of the soil

This launch is part of our commitment to the future, of our promise of value.

It means focusing on what is really important and committing to it, giving answers to farmers based on respect for the soil and a commitment to sustainability.

It means valuing the natural wealth of the land and all that it allows us to grow because when we take care of the soil, we all win.

It means providing a solution that, beyond any economic aspect, represents investing in a profitable, productive and, above all, sustainable future.

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